Thursday, October 8, 2015

DSW has wonderful customer service

Treating people well always works out.

Especially in the commercial sense.

So I ordered a pair of shoes online from DSW, and I was debating on purchasing a regular or a wide calf version of these boots. I didn't want ones that were tight all the way up my leg, because tight boots then tight pants never seems to look good to me.

Since I was going for a riding boot style, I went for the wide style.

I got them last week, and they were too wide. Poo.

The post office closed in two minutes, so I grabbed the box, hopped in the car with Nate and took off. I addressed the box to the address on the invoice inside and sent it off.

Well, then I wondered about the address, since often there is a different return address. I had looked it up on my phone on the way to the post office, but there wasn't an address in the returns part of the FAQ page.

I kept looking and found a returns address, but you had to move from the mobile version of the website to the full site. And it was a different address.

I called customer service and the woman on the phone didn't even know the address that was on the top of the invoice, and she acted like it didn't exist.

Well, the shoes were delivered earlier this week but didn't show up on my account, so I called again. The person on the phone this time was very helpful, and after checking my tracking information couldn't figure out who had signed for my returns shoe box.

"We don't know where they are so we will just refund you the money."

Wow, that was it?

So, since they were extremely helpful, I purchased the shoes again, this time in the regular instead of the wide size, and I will tell people the wonderful experience I had. And I will certainly look for shoes from there again when I need them.

Customer service pays off.

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