Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Whole Foods and In 'N Out Burger....

Nate and I arrived in Burbank and waited for our luggage at the outdoor carousel --- outdoors, as in it never gets cold enough that they have to have it indoors. I couldn't even see my breath as we waited.

We walked to the rental car place and chit-chatted with the man behind the counter. He asked what we were doing, and we said, "Going to the Rose Bowl."

"You're going to go freeze?" he asked.

"Freeze? This is warm to us. When we left home it snowed 16 inches and was 12 degrees."

He just looked at us strangely.

After a quick jaunt to the hotel, which had a small kitchen, we decided to purchase a few food items so we could snack and eat quickly in the room instead of going out for every meal. We drove to a nearby grocery store --- Whole Foods.

This is comical for people in places like California, but we were disillusioned with the prices that we found. Nate has been to Whole Foods before, so he wasn't surprised, but we still oggled at the $7 granola bars and $6 bottles of juice.

Nate was in search of a certain California-made beverage that wasn't at this store, so we headed to the next Whole Foods.

It was the same. Obviously.

We just circled the store, unsure of even where to start to buy food. I mean, I wanted to get some groceries so we could save money. A $7 package of lunchmeat and $4 loaf of bread didn't seem like saving money though.

Nate suggested soup. But cans of soup were $3.50-$4. I finally broke down and got two cartons of soup for $2.59 each.

How about chips? Nope. Not when 5 ounces are $3. So I put tortilla chips and some salsa in the cart, not cheap but not astronomical because you got a little more for your money.

Then we stumbled upon pretzel nuggets for $1.99. In the cart and out with the chips and salsa.

Sometimes at these moments, I feel so small town. I can't imagine how much people pay when they actually have to get a complete load of groceries.

We then circled the block to find an In 'N Out Burger, and we passed by a line of cars parked alongside the roadway to the entrance, where we found that the line of cars were not parked but were waiting in line for fast food.

So, we headed back to the hotel and ate pretzel nuggets for supper.

It might seem odd, but that was perfect for me. A relaxing evening after a long day of traveling.

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