Monday, August 22, 2016

He handed me a plate

We were at a wedding reception yesterday sitting with some friends, and one of them made a comment that she has made several times before when we've been together.

"You guys are cute," she said. "You really love each other."

Nate and I always look at each other with amused looks, because we're never quite sure what we've done that has made her say that. It's not like we are kissy or hand-holdy, because we really don't show public displays of affection.

"We do love each other," I said. That's really the only way I know how to react to that.

It came up later that night too, with a member of the groom's family.

"You guys were so cute at the food table," she said.

I laughed and questioned, the food table? I guess Nate had leaned over and given me a kiss when we were getting tacos, which is a little unusual for him. That must be what she meant.

"Yeah, you were so cute. He handed you a plate," she said.

He handed me a plate? It was adorable that he handed me a plate? I just laughed and thanked her.

Nate and I talked about it later. What must a typical marriage be like that my husband handing me a plate is adorable?

But those comments make me step back and take a good look at my husband and our marriage. The little things that I take for granted are absolutely huge and adorable to someone else. I have to make sure not to get caught up in the day-to-day and remember that it truly is those thoughtful little things that make our life together wonderful. Yes, my husband is a sweet man, and the fact that he thinks about my needs and hands me a plate is truly a blessing.

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