Saturday, October 19, 2013

Faith like a child

This might seem like a coincidence to some, but I believe there truly is power in prayer.

This week, I went to a bone and joint doctor to get my ganglion cyst looked at.

After taking x-rays to make sure it was actually a cyst and not a bone growth, the doctor said that he would numb the area and then stick the cyst with a "bigger" needle to pop it.

"Don't think about it," I said to myself, because I really hate needles. I texted Nate and told him I wished he was there with me, but he was out of town for work. I checked my e-mail on my phone and just tried to not concentrate on what was coming up next.

The nurse came in to rub the area with some kind of cleanser, and she put two needles on the bench beside my chair.

When the doctor came in and sat on a stool in front of me, I turned my head to the right as he took hold of my hand with one of his hands and a needle with the other hand.

He said he was just going to fill the cyst with lidocaine to numb it before using the other needle. I felt the little needle go in once, twice, three times.

Then the doctor started rubbing the area with the cyst.

"It popped with the smaller needle; you just saved yourself from having to use the bigger needle."

Hallelujah, thank you Lord!

I called my mom after the procedure to let her know my ganglion cyst was drained, and my wrist was back to normal. She was surprised, because she thought the appointment was an hour later than it was, but then she said that she and my 1.5-year-old niece had already prayed for me.

When my mom laid my niece down for her morning nap, Mom asked her who she wanted to pray for.

"Kiley," she said, although it comes out more "Kiwee" than anything.

They prayed for the appointment, and then it just happened to go better than I could have expected.

Just happened to, huh? I don't think so. Jesus said "Gather the little children unto me," because they have such great faith. Even a 1.5-year-old can have faith her heavenly daddy. And it worked out well for her aunt.

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