Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Insanity, the second round

Life has just seemed a little on the crazy side lately, in a good way. We've been going and going, so the blogging has slipped to the side.

In the near future, it seems like our lives aren't going to contain anything out of the norm, so I'll try to resume talking to you all on a regular basis.

Tonight, the goal is to start Insanity again. We did the Insanity workout before we got married, prepping for our trip to St. Lucia. Now it's getting close to the time we will be heading to the Caribbean, so it's time for this girl to tighten her muscles back up and get bikini ready. Seem a little backward since summer is over? Maybe, but that's how it's working out.

Oh to the ve. This kicked my butt last time. Let's see what happens this time around! I'll keep you posted, and maybe that will keep me accountable!

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