Friday, September 5, 2014

Filling our lives

With Joan Rivers and Robin Williams dying recently, their names have made headlines.

People have talked about their comedy, their careers, their fame. We assume that people who are in the spotlight have amazingly wonderful lives, because they can afford to have whatever they want. However, Joan Rivers sure seemed bitter about the world, and Robin Williams died of his own accord --- they weren't quite as happy as we expect they should have been.

So many people strive for fame and fortune, yet when they receive it, they still are unhappy. Some might say all they need is love and family, which is wonderful. But what about when that goes bad? Divorce, unhappy children, life's struggles --- suddenly life and family isn't all people expected either.

It's all about that God-shaped hole. We need to know there is someone bigger than us that we can rely on, someone who can save us from this sinful world, and that's God. We can try to fill that hole inside us with fame, fortune, family, love, but it won't quite fit. We need to have God.

It's a simple sentiment, but it's really the most important one. We can never really have success or feel complete without the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

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