Friday, April 17, 2015

Don't get busy, enjoy slower moments

I was dreaming something about a family that went through a car accident and were talking about the medication that they were having to take when my head popped off my pillow, and I realized that I was late for my morning run.

I had already skipped running on Wednesday and I knew that I needed to get up this morning. So I pulled on my clothes and hopped in the car to drive to meet my friends instead of walking to meet them, making me a little less late.

It's been one of those weeks. From the wonderful Bible conference last weekend that I have yet had time to write about to regular dance on Monday to our board meeting on Thursday night to cleaning the house to missing dress rehearsal for dance tonight in order to be at our huge event at work to two dance recitals tomorrow --- it's a crazy time.

These weekends happen, but lots of people have this as daily life. It makes me sad to see our world come to such busyness. I am sad that this weekend I have to miss dress rehearsal and time with my mom and grandma in order to do everything that needs done. Many people have to miss something often because it coincides with something else they have to do.

I think it's important to give your all to what you do, and that often means cutting out what is not top priority to not spread yourself too thin.

Also, people need to realize that their family life is also a choice. Life is not just a choice between activities, but it is also a choice between family time and activities. You might not be able to participate in everything you want to because you need some free time to just be with your family.

Moments of calm amidst the storm are my favorite. I love it when Nate and I don't have anything to do and just get to be, and just get to spend time together. Even when we do nothing, I think it strengthens our relationship to just show each other that we treasure time together and don't have to schedule every minute of every day.

I encourage you this weekend, when I am busy and running around, to slow down. Don't follow in my footsteps this weekend. Instead, enjoy each other. Enjoy your little moments as I have some big(ish) moments.

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