Sunday, April 12, 2015

Not my circus

I'm at a different church today, ending a weekend trip with my best college friends. I hate calling them my college friends, like they aren't significant today, they are. In fact, they are very significant. It's because it is with these women that I share a wonderful closeness due to our shared faith in the one true God.

It's awesome to finish out a weekend through sharing in church.

Walked in, and there is a circus scene on the stage. Odd. The series is called "Not My Circus,  Not My Monkeys." Apparently it's an old Polish proverb. Basically, mind your own business.

What is our business? The pastor said it's minding our callings from God.

During the women's conference we also attended this weekend, we talked about how we have many roles but only one job --- to love God with my heart, soul, strength and mind.

We tend to stray from our business to someone else's business. In John 21, Peter is told that he will die for his faith. But he asks "What about John?" Jesus told him that he shouldn't worry about what would happen to John, but only himself.

We may want to get involved in someone else's life in order to fix him or her, judge him or her,  surpass him or her, fight with them to prove we're right or to control them. However, most of what happens in someone else's life does not really concern me. Free yourself of that and concentrate on what God has for you.

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