Thursday, July 16, 2015

Fearing TV

There was a patch of time where I was really nervous at home at night. I kept hearing things and I would wake up several times in the night, and I just couldn't settle down once the sun set.

I'm very susceptible to irrational fears, and I realized that I was more scared after I would watch some of my regular shows --- "Bones," "Castle," "Criminal Minds," "Pretty Little Liars." I had some regular shows that focused on fear and death. I guess that was going through my mind.

I decided to stop watching most of those shows and to focus on more positive ones that weren't focused on things that scared me. I turned to a lot more food-focused, decorating and comedic shows this summer, and it was a few weeks before I realized that I hadn't been scared in a while. I was doing OK by myself at night, and I was even going to the basement to do laundry.

I tested out the theory and watched "Pretty Little Liars," thinking that I hadn't been scared and it wasn't a big deal. That night, I felt on edge again.

Let me say, I get it, I'm way too old to have irrational fears like this and to be nervous in the dark. This is a little kid problem. But it is a problem for me, and it was one that needed addressed, and I'm very pleased that fears haven't been an issue for a while.

It also made me realize the impact that what we put into our minds has. We often think that as adults it doesn't matter what we watch or listen to. We think we are mature enough to overcome even bad influences. It's not true though. God didn't tell only kids to watch their hearts, he told all his followers.

If a little TV show can truly put me on edge and make me fearful, what else am I letting influence me in negative ways?

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