Sunday, July 12, 2015

Work Q&A

Today is the last day in our Work Matters series at church. Throughout, people have asked questions about work and the pastor is answering those questions this morning.

1. What do you do when a father puts his work above his children?

Although being a stay-at-home mom is popular in our church, I'm sure the same question applies to women who also prioritize work over family. It's easy to neglect your family, because you get paid for work and don't at home --- at least monetarily. Like King David, his family started to fall apart when he was at war constantly instead of raising his children right. Eli had a similar story, putting all his time into churchwork instead of helping his sons do what's right.

Fathers are to be the spiritual leaders of their houses. They are to spend time reading Scripture, talking over meals,  teaching on car drives.

2. What should our response be to someone that refuses to work or sees no reason to hold a job?

There are some people who can't work, for intellectual or physical reasons. There are others who won't work. The pastor looked at it an interesting way --- don't be jealous of these people. We all know there are people who work the government and get money when they could be working. We tend to be jealous that they have big screen TVs and have fun all the time but don't work for it.

Don't be jealous, because that's not how we were created. We were created to work and we get much out of it. There is a joy in accomplishment that we were created to experience. We should pity them that they aren't receiving that joy, those times of growth, the lessons we learn, the enjoyment of putting skills to use.

There is enjoyment in paying your own way instead of taking handouts. Nate is fantastic about this. He doesn't take handouts. He doesn't even like our parents paying for meals when we visit. He likes to know we can pay our own way.

3. Please deal with the false idea this teaching on work has no application to retired folks.

The teaching on work went beyond just those with jobs. The series is about all kinds of work, from work at home done by moms to chores done by kids to service done by retired people. No matter our age or occupation, we are to serve God and glorify him in all we do. An elder here says "We don't retire from something, we retire to something." We're not supposed to give up our jobs when we retire and just be self-indulgent. That is how our culture views retirement, but that is not how the Bible sees retirement.

4. What does the Bible teach about salary? How much profit should a Christian make?

Profit is a reward for risk and contribution. Depending on what we contribute, we will make different amounts of money. However, we must do so honestly.

5. How can I share the gospel at work?

-Nobody can stop you from talking about your weekend. "We had family over and went boating and then at church we talked about..."

-Nobody can stop you from asking somebody if they go to church.

-Nobody can stop you from inviting people to an event. "Our church is having a cookout with games for kids..."

-Nobody can stop you from doing good toward others.

-Nobody can stop you from offering to pray.

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