Sunday, September 20, 2015

The mom in the airport bathroom

I walked into the airport bathroom a week ago and slipped past a young mom dealing with her crying toddler.

I didn't think much about it.

Then I saw an older woman lean over quickly, put her hand on the small of the momma's back and say, "You're doing great. We raised four."

The woman smiled and walked out of the bathroom.

The moment this woman acknowledged the other mom, the younger woman's face softened. I didn't noticed how frazzled she had looked until I saw a sense of serenity and gratefulness come across her features. It was like she was visible and accepted. It was like the worry about how people saw her and how she was failing was erased.

All it took was a moment of acceptance, of encouragement, of understanding from a complete stranger to make this mom's day a little bit easier.

Imagine the difference you can make with just a couple of seconds and a six kind words.

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