Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Vacation 7: Sick day

Thursday morning was the day I had been looking forward to --- spa day.

I had never had a massage before, and our booking came with a spa credit, enough for me to get a 90-minute massage. We had the spa credit before and I had forgotten to use it, so this time I was determined not to forget and made my appointment within minutes of being on the resort.

Nate walked me to the resort spa, located next to the gym and across from tennis courts, where I forgot to mention I whooped Nate the day before. Finally, a win for me. And he went back to relax in our room while I enjoyed some relaxation behind these doors.

After checking in, I was led into a darkened room and told to get underneath the sheet. I did as instructed and laid there, feeling quite awkward and a little bit nervous before the masseuse came back.

Then, there was 90 minutes of glorious. A full body massage that after tip and "service charge" only cost $40. I'll take it.

I came back to the room and we relaxed a little bit before venturing out for lunch, and it was at that point that Nate admitted he was sick. He had a head cold that was absolutely exhausting him, so following our meal I headed out the pier to sunbathe while he took a nap.

About an hour later, I realized that Nate wasn't going to be making our snorkeling reservation, so I walked down to the Aqua Center to cancel our spots.

Three hours of sitting in the sun, having people bring me drinks, reading my book and enjoying pure relaxation, the sun started to dip behind the tall building our room was in. I could see our balcony from where I was seated, and there had been no movement at the closed doors or the curtains that were drawn inside.

I decided to sneak back in, and Nate was still out, so I tried as quietly as I could to head to the porch.

I laid my head down on the wicker table to continue reading my book and was soon out as well.

I woke to a foot that was completely numb, because I had been sitting on while I dozed, and tried to get some feeling back into it.

Nate appeared and instead of going to play beach volleyball as we had planned. We played a little cribbage and then snuggled in bed while we watched TV. We ate a quick meal at the Italian restaurant where we had reservations --- I found I love arroncini --- and then back to the room.

Being sick on vacation is no fun, but luckily I still felt fine. I hadn't planned to spend half the day alone or watching TV, but honestly it was quite an enjoyable day. Like I said yesterday, if you just appreciate what comes your way instead of complaining about something going wrong, you can make the best of even a sick day.

At least when you're not the one who's sick.

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