Friday, December 30, 2016

Vacation 8: Zumie zumie

It's always sad to wake up on the last day of vacation. It's like you know that it is almost over, so you want to make the most of it, yet you're not sure exactly how to do that.

Nate still wasn't feeling well, so we decided to take it pretty easy.

That meant making our way back down to the pier to relax in the sun and read for a few hours before a quiet lunch and some time in the pool.

The playmakers in the pool were always thinking up crazy games to play with people, and we were grabbing some frozen beverages when one of them invited us to play Zumie Zumie.

We shrugged our shoulders, having no idea what the game was.


It turned out to be a rhythm game. Everyone was given a number, and you had to tap the table twice and then clap twice in rhythm. If someone called your number, you said your number on the taps, "8-8" and then someone else's number on the claps, "2-2."

Someone was out when they messed up the rhythm or forgot their number or did anything like that wrong.

We played a number of practice rounds and then turned it into a winner-take-all tournament. Nate was out after a couple of rounds, and I stayed in as the numbers dwindled.

As people in front of me were out, my number changed, and the playmaker would change them up every once in a while to make it harder.

Finally, it was down to three. Me, another guest and the playmaker.

I was 1. The other guy was 2. The playmaker was Zumie.

My goal: Don't ever say Zumie.

I knew that if I just kept it consistent and didn't have to think, I could pull out on top.

"1-1, 2-2."

"2-2, 1-1."

"1-1, 2-2."

It went back and forth, back and forth. Then it happened. My competitor tried to switch it up.

"2-2, Zumie --- Zumie."

He kept going like he didn't break the rhythm for that split second.

"No, no, no," the playmaker shook his head. "You know what you did."

I raised my hands in victory.

We capped the day off with a dinner at the French restaurant on the resort --- mussels au gratin - yum, scallops - yum, and artichoke and cheese crepes - yum.

An early night for sicky boy, and that was it. It was over.

Good-bye tomorrow Jamaica. It was nice to see you again.

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