Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Coffee and pasta

I don't really even want to write this post, because I don't want my husband to read what a terrible wife I am in my brain even if I don't show it on the outside, but it's probably good to confess.

This morning, Nate was going fishing, and I went downstairs to remote start my car. I saw that he was making French press coffee.

My first reaction was disappointment. Although French press coffee is good, it doesn't make more than 3-4 cups, so I figured he had made enough for himself to take fishing and I would have to make coffee at work.

I thought it was kind of selfish that he didn't make coffee for me too.

About five minutes later, I was upstairs brushing my teeth and he poked his head around the corner, "Here honey."

He handed me a travel mug of coffee.

Instead of taking all the French press coffee for himself, he selflessly took less fishing with him and gave half to me.

OK, I felt like a butt for thinking anything bad about him.

On the way out the door, I grabbed the leftover pasta from last night's dinner. There wasn't really anything else for lunch except Ramen noodles, so I just grabbed the Rubbermaid with about a half-pound of pasta left in it.

At lunch time, I got a text message, "You must be eating a lot of pasta for lunch."

Hmmm...well, I probably should have thought about our lack of groceries and left some pasta for Nate to eat. Otherwise, he was left with cereal or Ramen noodles.

I ran home for lunch so I could share the pasta with him, and he smiled as I came in.

"Did I guilt you into coming home?"


When I was driving back to work after lunch, I thought about how complacent I've become in some areas of our relationship. I expect Nate to be thoughtful and share his coffee and am annoyed when I think he isn't going to, which he did anyway, and then I don't think at all about sharing lunch with him. I have been pretty selfish lately, knowing that Nate won't mind if I am not perfect. However, I should be striving to be the best wife I can be, no matter his expectations.

So, honey, if you're reading this. I'm sorry for thinking badly about you this morning. You blew my expectations out of the water, and I'm sorry for not thinking about you for lunch. I'll do my best to be more thoughtful and considerate!

And I appreciated the coffee. :)

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