Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Colors of Christmas

Although Christmas is known for its red and green color combination, lights on homes, holiday ornaments and festive wrapping paper add all different varieties of color to the season. However, all of them can tell a little bit about the true meaning of the holiday.

Red: The redness of a newborn's skin will eventually lead to the red blood that Jesus shed on the cross, blood that set believers free.
Green: Most trees in the Midwest are brown and dead-looking right now, but evergreen Christmas trees are still a vibrant green. It's the color of new growth, a color that shows us that during the season we remember our savior's birth and the opportunities we have to grow in our faith.
Yellow: The star above the inn where Jesus was born twinkled yellow in a brilliant night sky.
Purple: The color of royalty, purple reminds us that Jesus was born in inauspicious circumstances but was still the most royal of all royals ever born.
Blue: During the winter months, the sky remains gray and cloudy much of the time. However, when the clouds blow away, a brilliant blue sky opens like a mirror of the oceans. Sky and water, vast areas like the freedom of choice that we are given by God.
Gold: Expensive and meaningful gifts - gold, frankincense and myrrh - were brought to Jesus on his birthday.
Pink: A color that is normally associated with women reminds us of the young woman who traveled, pregnant and ready to give birth at any moment, with a man she was not yet married to to give birth to the savior of the universe.

Colors are more than just beautiful; if you start to contemplate them, there might be more meaning that you realize.

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