Thursday, December 16, 2010

A little laughter

Last night, before my boyfriend Nate went to work, something wonderful happened - we laughed.

I am an extremely ticklish person, pretty much any part of my body can be tickled if the touch is right - squeeze my sides, graze the bottoms of my feet. It started off as a little tickling. Then we just wrestled around a little bit. After the laughter started, it just didn't stop.

Laughter does a body, and a mind, good. It just feels wonderful to release a random giggle, even if it is for no real reason at all. Sometimes, laughter just overcomes me in what I call a laugh attack. A small quip gets me started, but my body just takes over, and I can't stop the chuckles from flowing.

It's a little part of life, laughter. A few chest convulsions and some air escaping - however, the healing power of laughter is endless. No matter the stress or anger you have built up inside, some laughing can help you let it all go.

A little laughter, a big payoff, an everyday moment that can have special benefits. Enjoy a little laughter today.

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