Friday, December 31, 2010

Mmmm, Mmmm, Good

Last night after a wonderful night eating out and going to a movie with Nate, we headed to Wal-Mart for a few necessities - toilet paper, lunch bags, tissues, a humidifier.

We went through the grocery section looking for some New Year's Eve goodies, and I didn't find anything, but I did find one treat that brought on a laugh.

For those of you who don't know me very well, my favorite treat is barbecue ribs. Now, I love sour cream; I love cheese sauce. However, I really, really love barbecue ribs.

Well, at Wal-Mart, Nate and I were passing by a freezer case and a box of chips sat outside them. I also have a weakness for chips. The name on the outside of the chip bags drew me in, and I pulled out the burgundy bag to show Nate with a small - Baby Back Ribs chips.

I just laughed, and I started to put the bag back with the others. Yet, the $1.50 price tag grabbed my attention again, and I grabbed the bag for the cart.

Nate just laughed and shook his head, "Don't even act like you're not going to get them."

I guess he knows me better than I even know myself.

I tried them today, and I was amazed that the chips actually tasted like ribs. They didn't just taste like barbecue, but they had an interesting rib flavor.

Who knew technology could bring about meat-flavored chips? It's interesting thing, an everyday moment, but one that I really enjoyed. Food doesn't seem all that special, but really it is a small joy that people in this country probably take for granted.

Whether it's your favorite flavor of Doritos, Cheetos, Fritos or regular potato chips - take a bite and enjoy the simple flavor while you treasure the ability to buy them.

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  1. Only a $1.50... I guess I'll try it. (In a Jim Gaffigan voice)