Tuesday, September 18, 2012

So we're going to St. Lucia, huh?

I had no idea where we were going on our honeymoon.

Nate had it all planned and somehow had managed to keep it a secret, even though a lot of our friends knew where we were going.

I knew we had a layover in Miami the first night, so I figured the Caribbean. However, I was also told that I should pack a long-sleeve shirt and a stocking cap to go along with the shorts I had packed.

A stocking cap and shorts? Really, Nate?

Side note: I did find out later that Nate took the hat out right after I put it in.

We arrived in Miami the Tuesday after our wedding, and picked up our rental car - a bright orange Dodge Challenger.

A revving engine and freeways, and Nate was a happy man.

We drove down to Key Largo to check into the hotel Nate had booked for that night, and then we spent some time driving around. We even stopped at a restaurant that had been featured on the Food Network. Since it was called the Conch House, we tried their specialty, conch.

Not a fan.

Instead of driving all the way down to Key West, we decided to head back to our resort and relax a little bit. Some reggae music and a hammock overlooking the Gulf of Mexico, we were quite content.

The mosquitoes started biting as the sun set though, so we headed in to have some dinner at the resort's restaurant.

After some salmon for me and lobster ravioli for Nate, we headed back to our room.

I chatted about how I needed to remember to call the credit card company in the morning to tell them we were leaving the country.

"Yeah, call and tell them we're going to St. Lucia," Nate said, not really thinking.

"So we're going to St. Lucia, huh?"


I was impressed that he didn't let it slip until the night before though!

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