Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wedding Day part II

The days leading up to our wedding, I sent out a complete schedule with hour-by-hour directions for the entire bridal party.

Well, the day didn't quite turn out according to the schedule.

Decorating at the church went perfectly, and it actually went much quicker than anticipated. My bridesmaid Kathleen and I headed out to our hair appointments, discovering along the way that one of the reception venue's signs - which I was expecting to use to direct people - had been taken down.

Thanks so much to my best friends who bought some poster board and created signs for me as I sat at the hair salon!

Then I ended up not even starting my hair appointment until after I thought it would be done.

Thanks to my friends for heading to the church and decorating the sanctuary!

We were supposed to start pictures at 1 p.m., and my photographer said that I was being overly positive about what time I would be ready. And I ended up still sitting in the hairdresser's chair at 1:15 p.m.

I just laughed.

"I gave my fiance a schedule, and now he's going to be like, 'She's not even following it,'" I told my hairdresser.

Oh, well!

I scrambled into the church, put on my dress - which was luckily pretty easy - and applied my make-up in a scramble.

We ended up right on time with everything. I even had a few moments to spare to play a game of air hockey and pray with my parents before the ceremony started.

A lesson in patience and not being a bridezilla the day of my wedding. Luckily I was so happy I just went with the flow, for the most part.

Part III: The Ceremony, coming tomorrow!

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  1. Everything was perfect because of all of YOUR hard work and planning! You planned and created a beautiful wedding and reception and The Lord blessed all of it! A day to remember!