Friday, September 28, 2012

Honeymoon: Day 5

It was our last full day of our honeymoon in St. Lucia, and Nate was still hurting from his sunburn. When we got up Sunday morning, we didn’t even put on swimming suits.

Instead, I grabbed my camera - whose battery I had charged - and we set out to take some photos. I attempted to capture fishing swimming, which didn’t work out too well, and I also tried to chase down a hummingbird, which also failed. However, I found some successful shots that I think document the beauty of the peninsula we stayed on.

We then changed for our second snorkeling trip. On the first bout, we kind of rushed through and got back to the boat quicker than we needed to. This time, we wanted to take our time and really see all that the ocean floor offered.

We started off seeing some of the same fish; blues, yellows and black filled our view. I thought it was appropriate that we saw one fish that was black and yellow, perfect for two Iowa Hawkeye fans like us. Nate also pointed out a couple of large sand dollars, something we hadn’t seen the first time around.

After a while of swimming, Nate pulled me over to a spot we had just swam past. He pointed at the snorkeling guide who was swimming by himself but had motioned for Nate to come take a look at a fish.

The guide dove down to the ocean floor and stuck his hand underneath a rock, coaxing a large blob of a yellow fish to swim out. I still don’t know what kind of fish it was though.

Seeing a cool fish like that, which we wouldn’t have noticed by ourselves, we kind of decided to stick with the guide. He eventually pointed down again, and Nate started to get excited.

All I could see was a rock.

Nate poked his head out of the water, removed his snorkel and told me that there was a lion fish underneath a rock. Excited, I put my face back in the water. It took me a minute, but I finally saw the white and orange-striped fish poke its head out.

It was definitely worth it going snorkeling for a second time.

That evening, we went back to the Italian restaurant, and it was just as delicious the second time. However, we ordered a panna cotta for dessert, and after one bite of what seemed like vanilla Jell-o, we got up and left.

In the lobby, a talented group was playing music, and we spotted some of our friends. We sat down to chat, and a woman came up to me and Nate to ask how old we were.

“You look so young,” she said.

Apparently she and her husband had a bet about how old we were, and we joked that we should have exaggerated about our ages.

When the music stopped, we decided to stay up late with our friends and hit the “club” at the resort. A DJ was playing music, and I started to sweat as we danced to the “Wobble, Wobble,” the “Cupid Shuffle” and some other fun dances.

Oh, what a wonderful vacation it was.

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