Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Pope Francis person of the year

The Advocate, a gay rights magazine, made Pope Francis its person of the year this year, and his comment that he wouldn't judge someone who was gay was the main reason.

After so much separation between the LGBT community and the Christian church, I think it's great that someone is bringing them together. I think it often gives Christians a bad name when they speak out against homosexuality in hateful tones, and it gives few non-Christians a reason to want to become a Christian.

However, I'm not sure that everyone is understanding Pope Francis' comments the way that he meant them to. He wasn't saying that homosexuality is not a sin. He was saying that in the Bible were are told "judge not lest you to be judged." It's not up to us to condemn people for their sins, because we also sin.

Because the topic of homosexuality and homosexual marriage are such hot topics today, Christians speak out on those issues. They might think that taking a stand even means not letting those people into the church or not talking to them at all. However, we are OK talking to people who go to church and still struggle with having sex before marriage or who look at pornography. Those are just as serious of sins as homosexuality.

I think Pope Francis just wants people to take a step back and see that there's a difference between saying homosexuality is a sin and judging people for it. We can judge a sin without judging the person who is committing the sin. It's not up to us to judge, it's up to God. And as they say, love the sinner, hate the sin.

So, I'm glad that a gay rights magazine has found a Christian that it can believe in. However, I'm a little scared that people will see the pope in a gay rights magazine and will think that he is supporting homosexuality. I'm a little scared that now all Christians who do believe in what the Bible says, that homosexuality is a sin, will now be seen as even harsher and even more hateful.

It's a thin line, to stand up for what's right and to not alienate others. I hope the pope knows how to approach it, since he does have so much influence. I hope it's used to further God's kingdom.

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