Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Dream a little dream

Yesterday I talked to a woman who is speaking at a local women's conference, and she's going to be talking about dreams.

Not sleeping dreams but dreams that you hold in your heart.

It was an interesting conversation that got me thinking about what I dream about.

When I was a little girl, my dreams consisted of finding the right man, getting married and having a family. Check, check and waiting a little while to check off the third one. I also thought I would love to have a job writing encouraging items to women in a magazine or online.

When talking to this speaker, she said that she loves her writing and speaking career because she gets to interact with women. She loves the give and take and the stories she hears. That scared me a little, because I realized maybe that isn't what I dream of. I like to be more secluded, and although I LOVE hearing people's stories I don't know if I would have the passion to constantly be around people, because I am so very introverted.

I love to bake, and I've thought maybe that would be a fun second career. I could do it after I have children from home, but then I am not sure I would want to bake what other people wanted. I usually have a mood and want to bake cookies but not cake, bread but not brownies. I don't know if I would enjoy catering to someone else's moods, and I don't super enjoy the decorating portion of baking.

I love teaching dance, and I do want to continue that, but I wouldn't ever want to do it on a full-time basis because that would feel draining instead of fun.

Basically, everything I love I love a little bit. I don't know what I would want to do that wouldn't feel like work. Maybe that's not the answer though. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for something that doesn't feel like work, because everything will inevitably feel like that.

When I think about dreams, I think about finding something that makes me feel invigorated, revitalized, energized and happy. However, I don't know exactly what that is.

I'm so thankful for my job, and there are days that I absolutely love what I do. And there's days that I just need a vacation, but again, everyone feels like that.

When the woman asked me yesterday what my dream was, I told her I thought it was what she did, writing encouragement to women. Maybe that is it. I don't know if that will ever be my job.

I guess right now, I'm not sure what my dream is. I just pray that whatever dream God put in my heart he will reveal in the right time. Maybe it's something I haven't even considered yet.

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