Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bahamas: Part VI

I'm a little behind in the blogging, because I started a new job this week! But here's the next segment of our vacation.

I think we can sum up our final two days of vacation with one word, relaxation.

In St. Lucia, we only had four days on the island, and they weren't even four complete days due to traveling. That meant I wanted to fit in everything possible in that short amount of time. It was fun, but we didn't necessarily just lay around and relax to the max.

Thursday, we ordered room service for breakfast again. I wanted to try the yogurt parfait, because I had one at the buffet the day before and it was delicious. However, it wasn't quite the same when it came to our room. However, I also ordered some croissants, and Nate was over-the-moon about how delicious they were. The resort has an actual French chef who certainly knows his way around pastry.

The rest of the day literally was spent on the beach. We read our books all morning, then we ate lunch at the little cafe — and after we left apparently the seagulls ravaged my leftover French fries — and then we spent the afternoon on the beach again.

We had reservations at the French restaurant for dinner, and after getting dressed we went down to the pier. We snagged a little table and two glasses of wine, and then we watched as waves started to crash onto the beach, higher than we had seen so far.

Thursday provided a huge storm for Florida, but we had seen on the radar earlier that day that it curved around and just missed the Bahamas. We figured the waves coming in were remnants of the storm that were reaching our little island.

When it was late enough, we headed to the restaurant. Our table overlooked one of the pools, but the nighttime dew had clouded up the glass so we really couldn't see anything. We ordered crab cakes to start with, and they were fantastic. They were quite different than what we have usually had, with a sauce that provided a little bit of sweetness. Then Nate ordered lobster tails, and I had duck. Both entrees were fabulous, and that's one of the best parts of being in an all-inclusive resort, you can order what would be the most expensive items on the menu and not worry about paying for it!

Friday we had breakfast in the French restaurant, and I downed another delicious parfait — this one with Greek yogurt and fresh honey, yum — and Nate ate about six croissants smothered with the jam provided on the table.

We lounged on the beach, went sailing and finally met for our snorkeling appointment. The boat took us out to a different spot than it had been going the rest of the week due to the huge waves that were still rolling in after the nearby storm.

Nate and I tried to hold hands as we swam about, but the choppy water wasn't conducive, and he had a tear in his flipper that made it harder for him to swim without losing the appendage. We saw a fish that had turquoise and hot pink scales, striped fish, blubbery fish and tiny, darting fish. Someone brought a can of spray cheese and it sprayed pieces that looked like little worms in the water, so a school of fish quickly crowded around us. I could almost touch them.

That afternoon, we came across one of the couples we met earlier in the week and spent the day chatting with them in the pool. We even tried the hot tub when the sun went down, but it ended up being a little too warm so we just sat around the bubbling water.

We had planned on going to the final restaurant we hadn't tried for dinner, but honestly we were tired and ended up ordering room service and staying in our room all night.

When we stayed in our room, my instinct was to feel guilty because I should be enjoying the outdoors while on a tropical vacation. However, I decided it was our vacation and if that's what felt good then that's what we should do.

So, looking back, I'm glad we just relaxed. It was a completely rejuvenating vacation and one we'll look back on with fond memories.

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