Sunday, March 16, 2014

Say no to sin?

We think sin leads to happiness.

If my husband leaves the light on and I angrily bring it up and tell him he's wasting electricity and always leaving stuff in when I ask him not to, I think it's going to feel good. I think getting my anger out will make me feel better.

Sin doesn't lead to happiness I'm the long run though. It will ultimately hurt us, our relationships with others and our relationship with God.

Getting mad at my husband might feel good for a moment but then I can feel his annoyance at me for my impatience or his own anger that I bring up his mistakes when I make plenty of my own. My moment of happiness had become a small roadblock between us, doing nothing to help our relationship.

I mIght decide to stop bringing these topics up, but I can still feel the anger welling up in my heart when the lights have been left on after my husband has been home for hours. Eventually I need a release and will bring it up and let my anger win again.

Martin Luther called sin the ultimate form of cannibalism because it will destroy you, binding you to where it's going.

So how do I stop going back to anger and sinning?


It's not about standing our ground, because we will fail.

We shouldn't stop, we should run in the opposite direction, which is to Jesus. The Holy Spirit will give us new affection for Jesus, and we will want to enjoy Jesus rather than trying not to enjoy sin.

In Robin Jones Gunn's Christy Miller series, a character talks about saying he's rather than no. When he accepted Christ he said "no" to his old way of life and sin. But that left him empty. He had to start saying yes to Jesus and what Jesus wanted him to do.

Growing in Jesus will help you not just stand against sin but to get rid of the desire for your sin.

Don't just say no to whatever sin pages you, say yes to Jesus. Live for him and the desire to live for yourself and your own feelings will slip away over time.

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