Saturday, February 7, 2015

Life-giving water


There are 16 ounces sitting in a fluorescent green water bottle next to me, just staring at me.

"Drink me."

As a part of our health insurance for work, we're given health challenges to participate in for deductions on our insurance and gift cards. The first one this year is tracking water intake and sleep. Sleep is not anything I have to worry about. Water intake is.

Even as a kid, we had a glass of water with dinner and were to drink it before we left the table. Today, that glad usually gets overlooked and then dumped after dinner.

There are many days I realize by 9 p.m. that I haven't drank anything, other than coffee.

I know I should drink more, and this challenge will hopefully get me into a better habit, but I just don't like drinking water. It's boring.

Water has a ton of health benefits, like most healthy habits. But that doesn't make it enjoyable.

I relate it back to my walk with God. Often what is best for me -- reading the Bible, praying -- I mean to do but I overlook. It's boring, and I'm sorry Lord that I feel that way. But there would be so many benefits if I would do it as much as I'm supposed to.

If I didn't have clean water to drink and had to go without it, it would be horrible. If I didn't have access to a Bible and had to rely on memory, it would be horrible. I need to soak up the good that has been provided to me and make those new habits.

I know I will see the good.  I just need to empty the green bottle.

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