Saturday, March 28, 2015

Krystal's shower

"Friends are friends forever!"

In college, friendship was so easy. You knocked on your neighbors door and headed to get the next meal. You made dates for basketball games. You had class together. You worked out together. You spend your weekends together.

You promise yourselves that you will stay in touch after graduation.

Our fabulous five has done pretty good at staying in touch over the last five years. We've had wedding showers and weddings, and we try to do a bi-weekly video chat.

As time has gone on, it has gotten more and more difficult to find a night of the week that all five of us can log onto the computer. It's sad to see that go by the wayside, but I'm sure it will become even more difficult as friends start to have kids for them to find quiet moments.

But there's always the big moments. Like today, we had my friend Krystal's baby shower. It was wonderful to not only see her but to celebrate this next stage of life with her. I can't help but share a few shots from the days, and with these pictures comes hope for the future.

I hope that our vision to stay in touch truly does work out, and I hope even more that the little baby growing inside Krystal eventually finds some friends that are as wonderful as the ones I found in college.

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