Thursday, February 4, 2016

Joyful, everyday moments

My blog is called "Everyday Moments," and it's those moments that I truly treasure in life. Today, I had some fantastic everyday moments that seem completely insignificant but really made me smile.

First, I got to go snowshoeing for the first time today. We got quite a bit of snow this week --- which meant an adult snow day from work on Tuesday, a first for me --- and then it started to flurry again today. I thought I would grab some outdoor photos for work while the snow was falling, but it was much too deep to trudge through. So I put on my snow pants, snow boots and strapped on a pair of snowshoes.

They were really quite neat to use. Where the wind had blown the snow away, the snowshoes were difficult to use. However, in the deep spots, they allowed me to walk through with relative ease.

I clicked away merrily as the snow fell, and then I walked over to the nearby wetland to try to get some pictures of the trumpeter swans that live there. The swans, and their goose friend, were not overly happy with my presence. I laughed as they got up from their contented resting places and honked at me for disturbing them. They walked on the icy wetland, looking like they were playing follow the leader. And then the moment I turned a different direction they laid down, knowing I was not going to bother them anymore.

Inside, I finished up working on a new exhibit --- one an underground ant tunnel and another an underground worm tunnel. From carving foamboard to painting to adding dirt to figuring out how to get silicone worms to stick, it's a joy to go back to childhood and be crafty all while creating something completely useful and educational for work.

Finally, when I got home today, there was a note on the counter, "At work, <3 nate.="" p="">
I know this sounds ridiculous, but I don't think Nate has ever left me a note before about where he would be. Coming home to something that showed love was actually quite a joy for me and filled my heart.

See, it's the little things. It's the everyday moments. If we just appreciate those things, it makes life so much more enjoyable and makes you smile so much more.

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