Friday, February 12, 2016

Two days...

It's been two and a half days without sugar.

It really hasn't been too bad so far, although it has taken quite a bit of thought and effort. It probably would have helped if I had known I was going to do this when I got groceries for the month. Then I could have given myself more options.

So far, the list of items that have sugar that I wouldn't have expected includes Cheerios and bran flakes, sandwich bread, French onion soup mix, Triscuits, Ramen and Chex Mix. However, I have found a few items that I would have figured had sugar but don't: Pasta, Taco-flavored Doritos (Cool Ranch and Nacho Cheese both do), dill pickles, raisins.

The biggest issue so far has been breakfast. I don't like mornings all that much, so I tend to stay in bed until I have to get up. That usually leaves me running out the door, and I usually just grab whatever I can for breakfast. Through the past few months that has included cookies from the cookie jar, Doritos, a jar of peanut butter and loaf of bread, dry cereal and more items that are handy in the cupboard or fridge.

One morning I luckily got up early enough to microwave some egg whites I had leftover from using the eggs for spaghetti carbonara the night before. Today, I didn't grab anything and ended up eating leftover summer sausage and cheese from last night's art exhibit opening at work.

Since I'm doing this for Lent, it does relate back to my faith. It hasn't been easy and it has taken work. That's often how it goes back to my faith life. I have to really prioritize time for God or it doesn't happen, just like breakfast without sugar.

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