Tuesday, February 9, 2016

No more added sugar...

I got home from work and just stuffed my face with peanut butter chocolate chip cookies and Doritos. I binged. I admit it.

I didn't grow up giving up anything for Lent. I've always been non-denominational, so although Easter is obviously celebrated (we called it Resurrection Sunday) the Lenten season was not. That meant meat was fine on Fridays; no abstinence from a chosen item; nothing like that.

Our church now doesn't celebrate the season by giving up anything either, but I kind of like the tradition. I like the discipline and the fact that it is giving something up in remembrance of what Christ gave up for us.

I have tried to give up things that really do help me and something that is difficult, not just "I give up candy." Last year, I gave up TV --- except for the NCAA tournament --- and it was a great process. It weaned me off of my obsession with TV and gave me enough time to get quite a bit done.

I considered doing that again this year, but I have been trying to be healthier and have been working out so I thought maybe I would focus on my eating. Junk food is quite a downfall for me, usually homemade cookies and Doritos.

But giving up such small things doesn't seem like it would be that difficult and that much of a sacrifice. So, instead I decided to give up added sugar.

I've gone back and forth, because it's going to be really hard. Am I really prepared for something like that? But I guess that's kind of the point of giving something up for Lent. It's supposed to be difficult.

So, I figure I will allow myself to finish my yogurt and almond milk so that it doesn't go to waste, because Nate won't eat it, and then I'm off sugar.

Forgive me if I go through withdrawal. I wasn't sure that I wanted to admit it on here in case I failed, but I guess this next month will be a document of my struggle. I know it's going to be hard.

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