Monday, January 3, 2011

Is that bad?

Sometimes when I reveal something I am thinking or something I tend to do I say, “Is that bad?”

I’m not sure why I need often-approval, not constant approval, about my thoughts, statements or actions. Some of the things I do probably are bad, or bad for me. However, which things are bad for me and which are just me?

I chew my fingernails when I get nervous or stressed. Is that bad?

I am a bad orderer at restaurants. Is that bad?

I snort sometimes when I laugh. Is that bad?

I have to make a list or write down everything I need to do. Is that bad?

I quote The O.C. even when the people I’m talking to don’t know the quote. Is that bad?

I have to plan ahead, sometimes doing twice the work, to make sure everything will work out. Is that bad?

I don’t like to spend money. Is that bad?

I have passed gas in front of a lot of people. Is that bad?

I make faces and sound effects with a majority of my actions and stories. Is that bad?

I have a natural reaction to karate chop instead of punch. Is that bad?

I don’t enjoy working out, unless it’s dancing. Is that bad?

I arch my back every time I comb my hair. Is that bad?

I am a writer that often can’t think of the word I’m trying to say. Is that bad?

I have to ask other people if what I’m doing is bad. Is that bad?

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