Monday, April 15, 2013

A lesson in mattress moving

Nate and I have moved from a king-size bed - that was part of our furnished former duplex - back to his old full-size bed.

Even moving that upstairs to our room in our new house was a struggle. The box spring didn't fit and we gave that away. The mattress would only fit if we could fold it enough to get it through the doorway to the steep, steep stairs.

Nate said he would pull the mattress up and I should stay at the bottom.

I couldn't lift the mattress from the bottom I didn't think, so I said Nate should stay there and I would go up the stairs and push on the mattress to fold it.

Well, I wasn't strong enough to fold the mattress either, so Nate and I ended up having to switch.

When we got to the top, Nate explained that was his thinking in the beginning. He knew I wouldn't be able to fold it enough to get through the doorway, so that's why he told me to stay at the bottom. "Well," I said, "You should have told me that."

However, he said that he shouldn't have to and I should just trust him. I told him I would be a lot less crabby and questioning if he would just explain his reasoning.

"I should just take you at your word?" I said.

Then I stopped, and we both looked at each other like, obviously, yes, I should just take my husband at his word. I continued to argue however and said that he should still explain his reasoning, but he knew that I realized what I had said and didn't say anymore.

I trust my husband completely, and he hasn't let me down when he has asked me to do things in the past. It's easier when he explains himself, but I should just take him at his word, because he is the leader of our home. I should just trust he has my good at heart and do as he asks in situations like this.

It's similar to how we act with God. We always want to know why, and sometimes God just wants us to do what he wants and not worry about the why. Like I should with Nate, we all should take God at his word.

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