Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slow down

I just got off the phone with famed photographer David Plowden.

He's 80 years old, and still as firey as ever. He really struck me with one statement as he was talking about the need for people to slow down.

"Every shadow, every blade of grass is important."


Our world is so hectic. Car accidents happen because people aren't even noticing the other vehicles around them let alone slowing down enough each day to notice shadows and grass.

Yet when I think about all the times that have been the most peaceful, the most relaxing, the most enjoyable they are the moments that I have slowed down. I remember walking through my college town a few years ago and reveling at the squirrels in the trees. I said a thank you to God for everything beautiful I passed, and I felt so close to him. A more recent relaxing moment was on our honeymoon, when we spent a night in Key Largo on the way to St. Lucia. We were swinging in a hammock as the sun went down, and little silver fished jumped out of the ocean. It was pure peace and happiness.

Those slow moments are so precious, maybe because they are so few and far between. However, I think we could have more of them if we only prioritized our lives correctly. Life isn't about how much we get done. We have one chance at it; we might as well enjoy it.

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