Tuesday, April 2, 2013

So thankful

So far, this has been a week of Thanksgiving.

First, we celebrated Easter on Sunday, and that holiday is always a great reminder of what Jesus has done for us. Our pastor talked about how the death and resurrection of Jesus isn't a soft news feature story but a hard news story that we all need to know and need to know now.

Jesus died on the cross, the most brutal way to die conceived of at that time. Although he was without blemish in the sight of God, Jesus took on all our sins and guilt and died so that we wouldn't have to die an eternal death. He became the sacrificial lamb that was all any of us would ever need.

Nate and I are still in the first few books of the Bible in our quest to read the book in a year. We have read a lot in Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy about all the sacrifices the Israelites had to make to God to be in good standing with him. We don't have to do that anymore, because Jesus was our ultimate sacrifice.

What more is there to be thankful for? That's all we'll ever need!

However, there was more for us to be thankful for. This morning Nate and I signed a massive stack of papers that made us homeowners! It's our seven-month anniversary, and we are so thankful to be entering a home of our very own that we can fix and paint and decorate (OK, so the decorating joy is all mine) and never have to move out of until we decide to! No more landlords, leases and having to find a place to rent.

We are both so thankful that God has blessed us greatly in our lives, in our marriage and that we have secure jobs and finances to be able to take such a step. God is truly great!

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