Saturday, February 22, 2014

The Bahamas: Part II

We were shown to the little pizzeria, overlooking the turquoise Atlantic Ocean. The smell of wood fired pizza filled the air. People chatted as they enjoyed their vacation. Nate and I started to sweat under the heat of the tropical sun.

We didn't really even have to look at the menu, because we knew we wanted to seafood pizza. It was our favorite at the pizzeria in St. Lucia, and the shrimp-crab concoction was just as delicious in the Bahamas.

We waited probably 15 minutes for our food to be ready, and I could feel my skin getting warm in the sun. I pulled my tank top strap back, and it was as I feared, I was already getting tan and this was going to be a weird tan line. But I shouldn't complain, because my pale, ginger of a husband can't tan at all. He just turns a sunny shade of red if he isn't careful to apply his sunscreen.

After lunch, we walked around to get a view of the resort, played a little snooker by the Cricketer's Pub and went back to the concierge lounge to see if our room was ready. After about a half hour, someone finally showed us to our room.

It was gorgeous. It was a suite with a king-size bed, sitting area, modern bathroom with clear doors and glass tile. There were even spotlights in the shower stall shining down on the glass shelves made for toiletries.

We immediately walked over the patio to see our view.

About two weeks before we left, we got a call from Sandals saying that we could upgrade to the concierge level suite for only $200 for the week. It included our private concierge, a suite instead of a small room and an ocean view instead of a garden view.

We kind of giggled when we opened the patio doors. We could barely see the ocean above some trees, unless we hung our heads off our patio, and then we could see it rippling in the distance. Below us was a construction site, as Sandals was creating swim-up pools to the first floor below. It wasn't exactly what we were expecting for an upgrade, but oh well.

We were afraid to take a nap, since we figured if we fell asleep after being up for so long we wouldn't wake up. Instead, we showered and went out to enjoy the ocean.

About dinner time we headed to the Cricketer's Pub, and Nate enjoyed bangers and mash while I had fish and chips. We played a little more snooker and then decided it was time to head up to our room.

When we finally went to sleep, I looked at the clock. I was impressed that we had stayed up so late after being awake for 35 hours or so. I thought it was probably 9, a little early but not bad for a travel day.

The clock was dim, and I had to get close to read it.


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