Monday, February 10, 2014

Dating your daughter

I was working on a story about a local father-daughter dance, and it sounded like so much fun.

The little girls not only get to dress up and go to a dance, but they get to make sundaes and crafts with their dads as well as get their faces and nails painted by high school and college-aged girls. I told the promoter that I wish I was younger so I could go with my dad.

I remember growing up a friend of mine bought a pretty dress each year to go to the country club father-daughter dance, and if I remember that, how strong are her memories about those times with her dad?

My dad also took me out for dates. I remember going to Dairy Queen and out to a movie when I was really little. Although he didn't go, he bought me a corsage for homecoming when I didn't have a date, and he gave me a ring with a heart-shaped key on it because he said I had the key to his heart. Even a couple of years ago we went out just the two of us for ribs at our favorite barbecue joint back home. Those memories are precious, and I'll never forget that my dad spent quality time with me.

The organization here throwing the father-daugther dance said that relationship is important because studies have shown that girls get their value from the value that their father places on them. My dad always made me feel beautiful, smart and worthwhile, and I'm so blessed that he gave me such inner confidence.

I think it's great that organizations want to encourage dads to spend quality time with their daughters, and I think it's important for dads to not only do that once a year but to set up occasional father-daughter dates with their little girls, just like my dad did.

Thanks Dad, for showing me that I was worthwhile and for creating wonderful memories with me. You've helped make me who I am today! I love you!

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