Sunday, May 25, 2014

Sacrifice and temperature

This week's sermon was in being a good husband but it really was in successful marriage.

The pastor talked about how a husband is a thermostat and a wife a thermometer,  he sets the temp and she responds to it.

When people get upset with each other,  our first thought is to blame that other person, as I wrote about the other day. Before we got married, I read something that said we should look at how we are behaving because our spouse responds to that. If they are grouchy, maybe because you are. You respond to each other.

In the sermon, the pastor also talked about how we should sacrifice for each other, whether that be sleep or time or money. I know I need to get better at sacrificing sleep. I also thought how I need to read the Bible more and if a motivation of it being the right thing to do isn't working then a motivation of doing it for my family should. Reading the Bible will make me a better person and wife, so I should do it for my husband if for no other reason at this point.
Read bible as sacrifice for family

Thermostat and thermometer, when spouse not responding well, look at how you're acting instead of blaming them

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