Friday, October 10, 2014

Anticipating his desires

The other night at dinner, my drink ran out mid-wings. The waitress didn't come over until I was done eating, and she asked if I wanted a refill on my drink.

I was rubbing my head because a headache was starting, and I said no I didn't want another sweet drink. Nate said "You want a water?" as the waitress was walking away, and I said "Oh yes, I want a water please."

Most of the time, Nate knows exactly what I want. Sometimes he knows what I want before I realize it myself. We're just so close that we can read each other's expressions and movements. We also just know each other so well that I know what he usually wants and he knows what I would want in a normal situation.

It's like that when we're so close to God. We often act like we have no idea how God would want us to act in a certain situation or we don't know how to find out his will. Well, if we were just close enough to God we would know what he wants. We would have a heart like his and we would know him so well that we could anticipate his desires.

It's no wonder that God uses marriage as a reflection of Christ's relationship with us and his church. If I had a relationship with Christ and the church like I had with my spouse, I'm sure my faith would be a lot stronger.

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