Saturday, October 11, 2014

Wanna join the mile-high club?

"Wanna join the mile-high club?"

That's how a Hardee's commercial starts -- with a sexy blonde leaning over to a man across the aisle.

Of course, he says "Yes."

She then hands him the Mile High Thickburger, but I have to say you immediately picture something different the first time you see the commercial. Eating a hamburger isn't usually what you think when you hear "mile-high club."

It seemed appropriate to see how sexually-saturated our culture is as I was proofreading my pastor's latest sermon on lust. He wrote:

       "Lust and its unbridled expression known as pornography are considered by some men to be a sign of manliness, a right of passage to manhood.  I want to propose the exact opposite.  Men who give themselves to lust are not displaying masculinity, rather they are showing their lack of masculinity.  
"Puritan writer John Milton wrote the book Paradise Lost.  In this fictional work, the biblical Adam was shown the great mass of men that would be seduced in the future by women.  In classic Adam fashion, Adam instantly blamed Eve for the problem.  It was Eve’s fault for having such beautiful posterity.  In the book, the angel showing Adam this vision disagreed with him.  The angel explained to Adam that the men’s seduction by women was their own faults.  The angel said they were seduced because of their effiminate slackness.  A man who is seduced to lust after a woman is displaying femininity and weakness —- effeminate slackness.
"The heart of masculinity is self-sacrifice, headship and leadership.  A man possesses authority to lead himself and discipline his body.  His leadership should rise to the point where he is not just capable of leading himself but he is also capable of sacrificing himself to lead and care for a wife and provide for his children.  Men are designed by God for self-discipline and sacrifice so they can lead and protect those entrusted into their care, a wife and children.  

"The word seduction comes from the Latin word seduco which means, I lead.  When a man allows himself to lust after a woman, either an actual woman in front of him or a virtual woman in a magazine or computer screen, he is abdicating his manliness.  He is letting a woman lead him away from his wife and family rather than disciplining himself to exclusively love his wife and family.  He is not displaying the self-discipline and leadership of a true man."

I don't think I can say it much better, so I just wanted to share the words of a Godly man.

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