Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Home design

Large, luxurious kitchens with beautiful cabinets, fixtures, glass backsplashes and new appliances. Bathrooms with expensive bowl sinks, waterfall shower heads and old-fashioned claw foot tubs. Laundry rooms with new washers and dryers, places to hang up coats and boots when you come in the door and adorable washtub sinks.

Sometimes its fun to oggle at all the beautiful home interiors on Pinterest or the many home shows on TV.

I start planning in my head how I would change our kitchen or finish our basement or improve our yard or how I hope that I can have this or that when we get our dream of owning an acreage and building our own home. Most of what I dream of we would never be able to afford.

I think I'm a bit of a home snob. I love our home, and I'm proud of what we've done with it. I do have to say I tend to look at people's homes, and I know that I would never be OK with the mismatched furniture and old stuff that they have. I would not be proud to have people over if my house wasn't just so.

I'm blessed that my husband has made a lot of our furniture, and its gorgeous. But we're also blessed we have had the income to purchase the wood and items to make those pieces. We're also blessed our home has great bones and doesn't need much interior design work to be cute.

It really shouldn't matter what our home looks like. As I was reading "Loves Long Journey" by Janette Oke, one of my favorite books, I realized that I'm quite proud when it comes to houses. Missie moved into a soddy when her husband brought her west, and she could make that a home. If dirt can be a home, then anything that I put love into can be a wonderful home.

It's probably like my mom always said, "Put a smile on and no one will notice what you look like anyway." "Put a smile on, welcome people into your home, and no one will notice what it looks like anyway."

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