Monday, June 22, 2015

A sluggard's attitude

I sometimes do have lazy tendencies. I'm not always moving or doing or cleaning; I often love to just chill in front of the TV.

However, I wouldn't consider myself a sluggard. That is the definition of lazy in the Bible, and verses basically say that sluggards get what they deserve. They don't get to eat because they don't work. They're foolish people who don't look beyond their desire to chill or sleep in.

Overall, I'm not a sluggard. But I started to break it down into different parts of life. Even if I'm not a sluggard overall, I'm definitely a sluggard in some parts of life. And one of those parts is my spirituality.

Instead of doing my daily Bible reading, I often just go to sleep, just like a sluggard avoids work. Instead of praying, I say a quick "thank you" and turn on the TV. Instead of taking time to help someone, I just think of all the things on my to-do list, which could be done a lot faster if I just buckled down and did it.

There are lots of places we can be sluggards --- relationships, home chores, saving money. In each of those places, we have to remember that if we don't put in enough work and dedication, we get what we sow. And if we don't sow, we don't get anything.

So even if you're not a sluggard overall, where does your slothfulness hide?

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