Tuesday, June 30, 2015

From caterpillar to monarch

A monarch caterpillar changes a lot from the moment it emerges from its egg to the moments before it enters its chrysalis. It eats and grows 2,700 times larger than it originally started out.

Then, it has the urge to change. I can’t imagine it knows exactly what’s happening, but it understands that it can’t keep eating and stay the same. It knows deep down that it isn’t supposed to live like this forever.

It creates a web, grabbing hold of the only home it’s ever known, probably a milkweed plant, and it puts its trust in a small black piece that is securing it to its habitat.

It starts to shake. It’s a scary moment when change is upon you, and it fights the change for a little bit. It quickly realizes that the change is inevitable if it wants to live, and it begins to shed off its skin. It doesn’t feel the greatest, I’m sure, to rip off its outer covering, and it’s trusting that the next stage is going to be better than what it has now.

It pulls up a new green shield, and it wears this shield for a little while, while it learns what it takes to be successful in the next stage.

Pretty soon, that monarch is going to hatch. It’s just a baby, but it’s going to learn that it needs to pump liquid into its wings and that it will eventually have to trust those wings and take flight.

That caterpillar didn’t know when it started to feel the need for a change what it would turn out to be, but it trusted and jumped and went through the pain to become something beautiful.

Thank you God that we know that even when we have to go through pain to shirk off our human skin, we know that what you have in store is so much better and so much more beautiful.

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