Saturday, June 27, 2015

Where is society heading?

Whew --- what a week for Christians.

I'm not going to get into the whole homosexual marriage debate. I do however want to talk about our culture today.

There is a lot going on in America to make sure that everyone and everything is accepted. It's been happening for about 100 years. Some is good, and some is not so good. But where do you draw the line?

It seems like we're on the way to just saying everything is OK, whether it's right or wrong.

I guess all the changes in culture were just on my mind anyway, because my Bible reading has led me into Judges. That book is basically a back-and-forth between Israel and God. Israel rebels and starts following false gods and doing "what is good in everyone's eyes." Then something bad happens, and the people want to follow the real God again. Their leader dies, and they start to follow false gods and do "what is right in everyone's eyes." Then they need God and ask for his help again. And back and forth is goes.

Then I read a passage where that stopped. Basically, God got fed up. He said, "No. You've had your chances and you keep turning your back on me. You're done. I'm done. Deal with it yourselves."

I feel like this is where our culture is heading. When the U.S.A. started, the leaders of the country followed God. Then the citizens started to rebel and are now at the point of doing "what's right in everyone's eyes." I can't imagine it's going to be too much longer before God goes, "No. You're done. I'm done."

When I see what's happening in the U.S.A., it brings tears to my eyes. I just keep saying, "I'm sorry, Lord." I can't imagine how painful it is for him to see his children rebel so much, in so many different ways. So many things in our culture today are accepted and expected --- and they shouldn't be.

I think we need to re-establish right and wrong in society, whether for Christians or non-Christians. There is a such thing as right and wrong. That is OK. We should be able to establish the right and wrong and stand up for those ideals. Otherwise, we're at a place where we are going to have to deal with our actions and pay for our mistakes.

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