Thursday, February 9, 2017

Do what your priorities are

A friend on mine posted a meme on Facebook that basically said that whatever you prioritize in life will come first.

I realized, if you looked at my life, you probably wouldn't realize that I prioritize God by what I put first in life. It's been one month, and I already am way behind in my Bible reading. My thoughts usually go like this:

"Just one more snooze."
"I'm tired. I'll read it tonight."

"I really need to get up and do my Bible reading in the morning."

So, obviously, it doesn't get done.

I decided that I actually need to complete the things that are important to me and put them at the top of the list, even if those aren't the easiest things to do. This morning, I actually did wake up 15 minutes earlier --- that might not sound like much, but those who know me know how I LOVE to sleep --- and I read a chapter of Matthew. I even had enough time to put the coffee pot on before I went to work.

Score for day 1 of new priorities.

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