Friday, February 17, 2017

Moments around the fire

The same podcast that I wrote about last time had another point that I added to my notes on my phone to write about later.

The Smalleys mentioned that it's important to spiritually share together, and we do struggle with that sometimes. I wish that we would be able to do more devotions together, and I hope that's something we will work on in the future.

However, Gary Smalley mentioned that it's important to naturally bring up spirituality. We should look at our spouses and see where it is that they usually open up spiritually and then intentionally go to those places and use those situations to grow together.

Take my husband and put him by an open fire at night or on a porch as the sun sets, and boom, there you have it. It's in those moments that Nate opens up and contemplates the universe. It doesn't matter if it is with me, with his family, with his friends, the deepest conversations that I have been a part of with him have been in one of those two spots.

I guess this summer is going to include a lot more porch time. And we've already planned some camping trips on our land, so I'm looking forward to more moments around the fire.

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