Monday, February 25, 2013

Thriving on destruction

At church yesterday, the pastor went through Daniel 11. At one point, the prophecy in that chapter jumps from years before Christ to prophecy that goes into even our future. It talks about the anti-Christ and all he will do to the world.

The pastor said something about Satan that really struck me. He said that unlike us, who feel fulfilled and peaceful after going to church or communing with God or serving others, Satan thrives on death and destruction. That's what makes the great evil-doer feel good.

Being a woman, I have seen a lot of drama in my life. I hate drama, and I try not to take part in it whenever possible. However, I have seen many women who seem to thrive on it. They like to create problems and find happiness when others around them are struggling.

There was a woman years ago that really bothered me, and I never even met her. She had a crush on Nate, and she tried to steal him away from me. She purposefully did things that would create drama in our relationship, and I have to admit that I let her get to me. It caused big problems between me and Nate.

I couldn't understand how this woman could feel good about what she was doing. Who likes to cause drama and heartache?

I think this morning I realized that love of conflict is just evil playing itself out in people's lives. When they don't have the God-shaped hole in their hearts filled, they have nothing to combat evil. We all have evil desires, and non-Christians aren't able to combat those desires without the armor of God.

Conflict, drama, death, destruction - that makes Satan and his demons feel good. Don't give in to those evil desires.

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