Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More dog ramblings

I look over at Novie while I'm working, and like most of the time, she's sound asleep.

Her little wrinkles are so adorable, and I find it hilarious when she has a whole bed to sleep on but she finds the extra blanket and cuddles up on it for extra softness.

She has so many human likenesses.

What a life she has, eating and sleeping. Does that seem enjoyable and fulfilling to her? Does he realize it's kind of weird that she lives indoors with us?

I wonder if God had that in mind when he created dogs. Did he purposefully give us something that could read our emotions and be there to warm our hearts without talking to us? I think that God had/has a plan for all, so I guess he did.

I love my puppy, and I love my God that he gave us something so simple that would provide us with so much.

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