Thursday, July 11, 2013

A few good friends

It took me a long time to be confident with who I am.

I used to think I needed to be more outgoing, have more friends, wear the latest trends and so much more. I was convinced I needed to be what everyone else was.

However, I have found that I just embrace my personality, I am so much happier.

Actually, the older I have gotten, the more others seem to become like me, at least in one way.

I have always been the girl who has been satisfied with a couple of close friends rather than a whole gaggle of not-as-close friends. I don't necessarily have a lot of people to call to hang out, but I like to have deeper relationships that just surface ones. If all of my friends are busy, I'm fine spending time at home alone.

In high school and college, it seemed like the popular people have lots and lots of friends, and that's what everyone was shooting to have. I tried to put myself out there more, but it just wasn't me.

Now, I have a solid group of good friends. It's expansive enough for me, and I have noticed that other people I know that used to be social butterflies have also narrowed down their social groups to a few closer relationships. Even on the radio tonight the host said that it's impressive to have one or two really good friends, and that you don't need more than that.

It makes me happy to realize that I am finally embracing who I am. It's only taken 25 years.

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