Monday, July 1, 2013

The soul is naturally Christian

I finally finished "In God's Underground," by Richard Wurmbrand.

When I closed the book Nate asked me how it was. Sad, hopeful, intense, interesting, informative - it's so many things. It took me a while to read because it is so jam-packed full of intense moments from Wurmbrand's years in Communist prison.

One part that I was compelled to read aloud to Nate while we were out fishing this week - as in he was fishing while I was reading - was a part when the prisoners were forced to go to lectures where speakers would try to engrain in them Communist views.

"...when a lecturer said that, 'only a handful of chemicals' remained of the body after death, I asked why, if that were so, some Communists had given their lives for their beliefs. 'For a Christian to sacrifice himself,' I said, 'may be considered wise. To give up the transitory things of life to win eternity is like laying down ten dollars to win a million. Buy why should a Communist give his life --- unless he too has something to gain for himself?

"The political officer could find no reply. So I suggested that the answer had been given by Augustine when he said that, 'the soul is naturally Christian.'"

I agree with Augustine. I think that the soul knows that God exists and that we are all subject to one greater than ourselves. That's why everyone searches for a meaning to life. Some people rebel against God and try to find meaning elsewhere, but they always have that God-shaped hole inside of them that nothing else will fill.

When I look around nature and see the sun, feel the wind, smell the flowers and hold hands with a man I love, I see that there is so much more than we can sense with our bodies. There is something more, something that only our souls know, and that is that God is there and that he is in charge. We're all naturally Christian, we just don't all know it.

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