Friday, July 19, 2013

Missionary support

Sometimes it's difficult to know what's worth supporting.

We talked to some Latvian missionaries on Sunday, and they asked to meet with us this week. It was nice talking to them and hearing about their ministry, and then came the ever-awkward "Can you support us?"

I wish we had an unlimited supply of money, I really do. However, we didn't pick the most prosperous careers, and we do have a budget to stick to. Of course, we love to support the church. However, Nate really has a passion for supporting the local church and what is going on right here in town. I have liked to support orphans in India since I was a little girl.

There's worthy missions all around the world, and you really like to support them all, but you can't. The missionaries said they understood this, and they know that everyone is called to different causes. When you say "no" to a missionary though, it feels like you're saying "no" to God. It's like "What you're doing isn't quite as important enough for me to give my money to." Of course it's important enough, everything that God does is important.

We haven't decided what we're going to say yet, but I did think that the man's response at the end of our time together was funny. He gave us high ratings for dealing with missionaries. I was a little confused, "Do you have some awkward encounters?"

He told us a story about how he has walked into people's homes and was immediately greeted with a crazy look. I don't know if people don't know how to deal with missionaries or if they are just worried that they will be asked for money.

Missionaries are just people, called by God in a different way. I would love to support everyone's calling. I guess we can - whoever we don't support financially we can always support through prayer!

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