Sunday, July 7, 2013

He's watching...

I was sitting in church and picking my cuticles.

It's a bad habit I've had since I can remember. I remember my mom picking at her thumbs growing up, and somewhere along the way I picked up the trait. Usually, when Nate catches me at it he will elbow me or tell me to stop picking my fingers.

This morning, I guess I wasn't doing it long enough that he noticed, but I noticed I was doing it, so I stopped because I know he doesn't like it.

If only I would stop doing the things in my life that God didn't like just because I knew he didn't like me doing them.

I'm sure that it's a sign of my relationship with God and that he isn't No. 1 on my priority list that I don't obey just because I know he doesn't like me doing something. I say that I love God first and my husband second, but my actions don't really speak to that most of the time.

I will admit a second thing - when Nate isn't around, I probably would have continued picking longer. But since he was sitting right there, I stopped when I realized what I was doing.

However, God is always with me. I do a lot of things he wouldn't like right in front of him, and most of the time I don't even apologize for it, until later that is.

It's hard when you don't see your God in the same physical presence that we see others. We often forget that the Holy Spirit is right here with us. If we could see the Holy Spirit watching, how would our lives change?

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